Frank Forencich

Frank Forencich

"Frank is a superb public speaker–articulate, extremely knowledgable, and passionate in his presentations. He has a fun and endearing interactive style that is both enlightening and entertaining. Frank captivates his audiences and gives them unique and practical advice on how to become more fit and less stressed. I speak at and or attend science and medical programs around the U.S. dozens of times each year, and thus I have the chance to see and hear the top scientists frequently. Frank Forencich is one of the most effective presenters with whom I have ever worked."

James O'Keefe MD cardiologist, St. Luke's Cardiovascular Consultants

Frank Forencich is an internationally-recognized leader in health education and performance training. He earned his B.A. at Stanford University in human biology and neuroscience and has over 30 years teaching experience in martial art, performance and health education.

Author of Exuberant Animal, Change Your Body, Change the World and Stresscraft: A Whole-Life Approach to Health and Performance. Coming Spring 2013: Beautiful Practice: An integrated approach to health, education and the human predicament

Exuberant Animal Frank Forencich


Monthly columnist, Paleo magazine
Partner, The National Institute for Play
Expert consultant, WildFitness
Member, Ancestral Health Society


"Talk paleo to me: Telling a bigger story" by Frank Forencich from Ancestry on Vimeo.


Frank is available for seminars and presentations on performance, health, stress and related topics. His engaging style is ideal for groups looking to improve their performance, vitality, team cohesion and physical happiness. Call 206-406-5670 for information and availability.

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