Going on foot: Barefoot Sensei


The Barefoot Sensei

The Barefoot Sensei is a visionary of body, land and habitat. Raised in the Olympic Mountains of the Pacific Northwest, Mick Dodge has created a rich and compelling cosmology of organic health and relationship, beginning with the foot.

The Sensei's vision is expressed in the figures below, an integrative union of three habitats: city ("sitty"), the wild mountain, and the hut. In this vision, each element has a place and a role to play. The city has its share of riches, but many dangers to mind, body and spirit. The wild mountain offers physical challenge, spiritual exhilaration and profound teachings.

In between lies the hut, a pivotal transition point of community, sharing and whole-body education. The figure 8 form symbolizes a continuous educational journey that integrates all three elements.

Foot path: figure eight

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